About Us

The co-founders of Turtleneck

About Us

We are tk, a Scandinavian accessory brand helping you avoid everyday crankiness by eliminating your irritating everyday problems. We do this, so you can stay focused, in flow, think creative and create. To create is not just something that you do – it’s a way of life. You need to surround yourself with things that make your day run smoothly, things that don’t distract your flow of thinking.

You never know where you’ll find inspiration or get that break through idea. It can happen at home, on a subway seat or on your way to work. Don’t let the small things set you off guard, cause you anger or disrupt the big things you want to achieve.

Instead of causing crankiness, your things should harvest happiness. Instead of problems, they should yield creative thinking. Instead of interruptions, they should worship your flow and focus, so you can continue to create anything.

At tk, we have specialized in these kind of technical everyday problems. With a fierce passion, we have set out to eliminate as many of them as we can. But how do we do that?

All our products are created on two fundamental principles:
  • They have to solve at least one everyday problem
  • They have to make the user feel good and look great while wearing them

That’s how we can say that tk helps you avoid everyday crankiness

Our ambition levels are high, and we wish to help as many everyday people as possible, eliminate as many everyday problems as possible, starting with Norway and Europe.


Contact Us

Drop by our office at MESH, Tordenskiolds gate 3, 0160 OSLO
or e-mail us at post@turtleneck.life