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Learn more about the bags and our story 

One and a half years ago we set out to create the ultimate everyday bags.

We were tired of spending over $500 on bags that were teared up, especially in the bottom, just a few months later. We were frustrated with bags that couldn’t stand up straight by themselves.

Bags are usually made to be comfortable to carry. However, 99% of the time they are either left on the ground, hanging around a chair, leaning towards a wall or placed on a table.

The challenge is you can’t put your precious bag down anywhere. You have to avoid the harsh and dirty ground, water and snow. We wanted to create bags that are comfortable to carry, yet made to stand on up straight by themselves. We also wanted an item protected against wear and tear. 

We are proud to introduce the world's first bags with a replaceable galosh. The galosh is made of robust silicon that protects your bag against... well, anything. Finally, a bag that is protected against everyday wear and tear and truly designed to last forever. The collection consists of three bags and two backpacks. They are all made of genuine leather.

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Key features

1. The galosh protects the bag from everyday wear and tear
2. No loose straps
3. Designed to stand up straight by themselves
4. Waterproof in the bottom with a splash-resistant body
5. The galosh is easy to replace if it gets worn out. Just zip it on and off the bag